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It is the policy of Grant Rehabilitation & Care Center that no dogs, cats, or other domestic animals shall be permitted within the facility or on its premises except on a leash and supervised by the owner of the pet or a designed person.  Animals may be transferred through halls if leashed or caged while in transit.

Therapeutically designed programs for our residents may occur at different times.  These programs are usually of short durations.  The pet(s) participating in this program are closely supervised by their owners or persons in charge.

No animals or pets are allowed in dining rooms during meal times.

No un-ruly, dangerous or obviously ill animals will be permitted in the facility at anytime.

State and local laws regarding rabies prevention and animal licensure will be observed.  Therefore, as of October 1, 2008, a copy of rabies shots for each animal/pet needs to be available in this facility for use at any time.  Papers verifying the rabies shots are to be given to any activity staff person to be placed in our file.