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May 2020




It has been a difficult few months for everyone as we try to navigate through the day to day changes with recommendations and regulations related to Covid-19.  CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid) has begun to set out some guidelines for easing up on the current regulations set fourth for nursing homes.  The guidelines are set out in phases similar to that which the Governor has set for the state.  Unfortunately, this will be a long process and appears we are still a couple months from visitation.  We will continue keep everyone updated as we go through these phases. 

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and support during this time and hopefully sometime soon we can all be together again.  As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Our top priority has been and will always be the safety and well-being of our residents!

Thank You,

Teresa Halliday, LNHA



On Mother’s Day, we served a special meal chosen by our residents. It consisted of Meatloaf, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, Hot Roll, & Cheesecake.

Residents have voted on a special meal for Father’s Day. It is as follows: Country Fried Steak, w/Cream Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Hot Roll, Blackberry Cobbler.



April was an exciting month for the residents and staff at GRCC. The facility had to continue the quarantine requirements, so the activity staff had fun providing exciting entertainment throughout the month. Residents had the opportunity to send an Easter card and picture to their family. The Easter cards were donated and facility mailed out 49 cards.

Other activities included “getting lost in the fifties”, meeting the nine to five essential workers and even fishing in the safety of the facility. The residents and staff enjoyed the refreshing desserts that were served along with the different types of costumes, music and dancing that the activity staff provided for a fun time with smiles and laughs.



For the month of May, Employee of the Month goes to the three ladies in Activities who have made up our “Covid-19 Activities Crew”: Winnie Goldizen, Shandra Hottinger, and Donna Carr. They have worked tirelessly to make sure our residents are staying happy and entertained during the quarantine.



Judy Redman is Odyssey Rehab's May CNA of the month! She is a CNA as well as a restorative aide who assists with the restorative ambulation and restorative dining programs. Judy is attentive and patient with the residents and always puts their needs first! She communicates closely with the therapy team whenever a resident is in need of therapy services