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May 2019



Hello dear friends!

Our new transportation van is a wonderful addition to our facility. We have already provided transportation to Morgantown, Winchester, and Moorefield for appointments and treatments. We have been so busy that we are beginning a search for part time van drivers in order to meet the needs of our residents.   

The gardeners of our facility are getting geared up to start their garden project on the facility campus.  Not only does this activity promote a sense of accomplishment to our residents, it provides an opportunity for residents to improve strength and function while enjoying the outdoors. The produce that is grown on the facility campus is enjoyed by our residents with the help of our Dietary staff and the Therapy Department offers their time and talent in working with residents throughout the growing season to ensure a successful crop! Thank you, Odyssey Rehabilitation, for being a partner with GRCC in caring for our residents. 

Finally, we would love for you to be a part of our Volunteer Team.  If you have the desire to help others and can contribute a few hours each week, stop by for a tour or visit us during a regularly scheduled activity to learn more about our programs.

Have a great month!




During the month of April, we celebrated Easter with our residents! We Served a special meal on Easter Sunday consisting of traditional Baked Ham along with Scalloped Potatoes, Corn, Rolls, and Banana Pudding. Unfortunately, due to visitation restrictions at the time, we were unable to invite friends and family in to share this meal with their loved ones, however, we do look forward to extending the invitation to future holidays meals! 

On Mother’s Day, we also served a special meal of Oven Fried Chicken, Scalloped Potatoes, Succotash, Dinner Roll, and Cherry Pie w/Ice Cream. Both meals were chosen by Residents’ Council.

Please be aware that you can now find our weekly menus on our website on the “Dine with Your Loved One” page which can be found under Visiting Your Loved One or Nutrition Services.

Our goal start date for the new Spring & Summer menus is June 2nd! 

Additionally, we would like to welcome two new employees to the Food & Nutrition Services Department! Joining us this month as Aides, are Alisha Arnold and Kacie Valkos! Welcome to the team, ladies!



Greetings from the Social Work Department!

This month, I am sharing the above pictures with you, because they always stop me in my tracks.  They make me think about the full lives our residents have lived and the experiences that have made them into the people they are.  Unfortunately, many families do not realize this information because they don’t take time to ask.

I guess, these really touch my heart, because both of my parents have already passed away.  As I grow older, I have so many questions that I would have loved to ask them, but are now unable to.  However, I have to admit that I am doubly blessed, because I get to talk to our residents and they are able to share their experiences with me.

Since, I have worked at the facility, I have met residents who saw Amelia Earhart.  I have met residents who met President John F. Kennedy at the airport.  I have had discussions about gardening, and canning.  I have met a nurse who discussed her rural practice in our area, and the development of the Public Health Departments.  I have met residents who traveled cross-country with their spouses, and residents that have traveled the world, and discussed their favorite places to visit.  I have met residents who have known my family and been able to tell me stories that I have never heard before.  

The best question that I get to ask them is what is something they are proud or feel is the most significant achievement in their lives.  The consistency of this answer always amazes me.  The majority of our residents feel that the greatest achievement in their lives is their families.

Time is precious and fleeting.  Think about what questions you may want to ask your family member.  Reminisce with them how they celebrated their holidays as children.  Ask them what was the favorite thing their parents did for them.  Residents greatly enjoy discussions about how their lives were, and you will find out more about them, plus you may find out more about you.

God bless,

Ravenna O. Redman, MSW/DOSS



The activity department stayed busy in April. We attended one more Lenten Lunch with four residents who all had a good time visiting with many people they knew in the community. They heard a wonderful message and enjoyed a good lunch. 

While we were quarantined with the flu, activities continued throughout the building. The Staff worked on the halls doing small, group activities as the residents could tolerate. After the quarantine was lifted for the residents, we colored eggs. As always, our residents had a good time with this activity! We then used the colored eggs to make deviled eggs which we served at the monthly birthday party. Deviled eggs were also taken to rooms of those who did not attend the party so that all residents could have some.  

The activity department had an Easter Lunch for thirty-eight residents. They enjoyed fried chicken, macaroni salad, potato chips, soda and homemade lemon & chocolate pie. The pies were made by Myra Vance’s Country Roads Catering. The chicken and macaroni salad came from Shop and Save’s deli.  We separated the lunch over two days to accommodate all the residents who wanted to participate. Everyone enjoyed the food and conversation. 

This month, we also took an afternoon to go riding in the new van. Kari drove, and we took three trips with a total of 25 residents. We took a short tour of downtown Petersburg as well as the outskirts of town before stopping for ice cream cones at McDonalds. The residents talked of these rides and the fun they had.   

God Bless 

Cindy L. Evans ADC



For May, the Employee of the Month is Barb Sites. Barbie has worked here at GRCC since September of 2018. She started out in Environmental Services, but soon transitioned into the Nursing Department where she currently works as a General Duty Aide. 

She and her husband Jim have been married for thirteen years. She has four step-children, nine grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren, and thirteen great-great-grandchildren. In addition, Barbie has two cats; Tom & Snowball and one dog; Fred. 

Barbie attends Lighthouse Community Church and loves the Lord. Her hobbies include spending time with her grandkids and deer hunting.



This month, we are saying farewell to long-time employee, Bonnie Dolly. Bonnie is a Registered Nurse who has worked at GRCC for thirty years. She began her career in 1989 as a CNA. In 1991, she graduated from James Rumsey Technical Institute as an LPN before going on to Shepherd College to become an RN which she completed in 1996. After working as a floor nurse for several years, she took over being in charge of our Assisted Living residents as well as working as the facility’s Health Service Supervisor.

We here at GRCC wish her the very best as she moves on to the next chapter in her life. Thank you, Bonnie, for everything you have done for this facility and our countless residents over the last thirty years!