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August 2018




Hello friends,

This month, I want to take the opportunity to discuss one of the risks to our elderly population. One of the most concerning events that can happen to our residents and community members living at home is falls. One in three people of the age of 65 will have a fall this year.  Falls are now the leading cause of accidental death and rank 7th in the overall cause of death in persons 65 and older.  The effects of falls reduce both activities and quality of life in older persons.  Once a fall occurs, there is a 50% chance that another fall will occur within the next year.  These are alarming statistics!  

Here at GRCC, our staff make every effort to monitor the safety of our residents, but we certainly cannot prevent every fall in our home.  If you or a loved one lives at GRCC, remove any unnecessary clutter from the living space and talk with your physician or GRCC staff member about any concerns you have with balance, walking, and coordination. 

We provide non-slip footwear to everyone to improve mobility and ensure safety.  Our therapy team is ready to assist you in order for you to return home or improve your stay with us.  GRCC is committed to providing up-to-date information and education to our residents and community to improve quality of life. 

God Bless and have a great month,




With fall right around the corner, menus will be changing in a month or so. They will include more fall/winter-oriented meals such as soups, hot sandwiches with gravy, casseroles, and of course everyone’s favorite apple and pumpkin desserts!

Also, we would like to remind you that you can join your loved one at anytime for a meal here at GRCC. The cost of lunch/dinner is $7.00 each while breakfast is $3.00. We do require at least a 24-hour notice for holiday guests.



Greetings from the Social Services Department!

Summer seems to go by faster and faster each year, and soon we will be heading into fall.  We have been extremely busy, which of course makes time go by faster.

Our office is responsible for admissions to the facility.  If you or a loved one is in need of our services, please contact us.  We provide tours of the facility for potential residents and family members.  We also work closely with residents and family members on the admission process.  We have an application and admission agreement, which are both found on our website.  If you or a family member are seeking placement to our rehabilitation center from a hospital, the hospital social workers or care managers can send a referral packet to our office.  Once we receive a referral packet, and dependent on available beds, the admission team reviews it to ensure that our facility can provide the best care for the potential resident.  At this time, our admission team includes one social worker, two nurses, a certified dietary manager and rehabilitation representative.  Upon review, a resident may be accepted or declined dependent on whether the facility can meet the potential resident’s care needs. 

Another form that needs to be completed prior to admission is the PAS 2000.  A potential resident’s physician completes the form.  This form evaluates whether or not the potential resident has the deficiencies to meet nursing home requirements.  We are not permitted to admit unless the potential resident has those deficiencies.

We realize that it sounds like a lot for a potential resident and/or family members to sort through.  Our office will be happy to meet with you and walk you through the process.  

Hope you have a wonderful remaining summer, and we are looking forward to hoodie weather!


Social Services Department



I want to say a special “THANK YOU” to the Medical Record staff for their hard work and dedication with the most recent project of scanning documents into our Medical Record software.  It’s always a challenge to add more responsibilities to our daily duties but, again, we adapted very well and made this project a success.   On July 1, 2018, we began scanning lab/diagnostic reports into each resident’s medical record.  Also, History and Physicals and Discharge Summaries are now being scanned into Point Click Care.  I am also happy to report that other departments are coming onboard with document scanning into the Electronic Health Record.  THANK YOU to all staff continuing to move forward with the implementation of an Electronic Health Record at Grant Rehab and Care Center.        

Fran Hedrick, Medical Record Coordinator



GRCC’s Employee of the month for the month of August is Karen Parsons. Karen is a member of our Environmental Services Team. She has been employed here for twenty-four years. Karen and her husband John of 33 years have a 27-year-old son, Jonathan. In her spare time, Karen enjoys crafts, gardening, reading, and talking with the residents here at GRCC.   



A special thank you to Scott Kesner, pictured with his mother and GRCC Board of Directors member, Nan Kesner.  Mr. Kesner is the Executive Vice President of United Central Industrial Supply of Bristol, Tennessee. Even though Scott no longer lives in the area, he generously donated ten digital (MP3) music players with blue tooth headphones for our residents to use and enjoy. 

Each device has been  programed with various types of music from the 50s,60s, 70s, as well as Gospel, Country, and Instrumental Piano and Guitar.  Scott donated the devices in honor of his mother, Nan, and father, Buddy Kesner.  Scott stated, “My mother has been an avid supporter of the nursing home for years and I wanted to do something nice for her.” 

GRCC salutes you Scott as an outstanding supporter of our home! 

From all of us, 

Thank you!


On July 25th, residents and staff enjoyed the afternoon with ice cream floats! Also on this day; Gerald Kimble & Jane League, who were married at the facility last summer, celebrated their first anniversary!


Volunteers of all ages are always needed, welcome, and encouraged at our facility. If you, a friend, or family member may be interested in becoming a volunteer, please don’t hesitate. Apply today!

More information on volunteering at our facility can be found HERE or by calling the Activities department at (304) 257-4233 ext. 225.