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November 2019



November’s Employee of the Month is Debra Wratchford. Deb is one of our dedicated General Duty Aides. She has worked here for six years.

Debra has been married to Warren for thirty-six years. They have one daughter; Angela and one cat; Misty.

In her free time, Deb enjoys spending time with Eli & Olivia as well as reading, shopping, and going out to eat. She also attends the Church of the Brethren.



Jessica Simmons is Odyssey Rehab's November CNA of the month! She is hard worker and kindhearted. Jessica advocates for her residents and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure they have the best care!



Snow is currently blowing outside, and we are starting to have our first real cold temperatures of the season, which leads us into thinking about the holidays.  Thanksgiving will be coming up, and soon after – Christmas.

The facility does make arrangements if families would like to come and eat with their resident for Christmas.  Resident Council takes great effort in choosing the holiday meals.  If you want to eat with your family member on the holiday, please contact Shelia Phares at ext.  5227 or Jennifer Sites at ext. 5246 or Amanda VanMeter at ext. 5223, so that we can add you to the count.  We would love for you to eat with your family member.  There is a $7.00 fee for the meal. 

During this time of year, we also have family members asking for ideas for presents for our residents.  Here are some ideas:

1.            Clothes:  Please reach out to our CNAs and they can give you an idea of what sizes to buy for your residents.  We often recommend sweatshirts and sweatpants, because they are easy for residents to put on and take off.  In addition, it helps them keep warm.  Undershirts and socks are extremely helpful.  Also be aware that we have to wash our clothing in very hot water, and they are dried in hot temperatures, please be wary of fabrics that have the tendency to shrink.  If you do bring in clothing, please take it directly to the laundry so that it can be labeled immediately, so that it will not get lost.  Please go through your residents clothing, and remove any old clothing.  Please let the CNAs be aware, so that our inventory sheets can be updated. 

2.            Coloring Books, Find-a-Word puzzle books:  We have several residents that love these books.  Activities would also appreciate the donations as well.

3.            MP3 Players/IPODS:  We have had donations of MP3 players and we have been able to download different genres of music.  It has been amazing how residents have enjoyed listening to everything from gospel, swing, and Elvis Presley.

4.            Dolls and stuffed animals are appropriate:  There are animatronic cats and dogs which all residents seem to enjoy interacting with.  In addition, some dementia residents truly enjoy holding baby dolls, and stuffed animals.

5.            TVs:  Cable in the facility costs $8.00.  TVs should not be any larger than 32 inches.  We request for TVs to be headset adaptable.  Our residents share rooms with each other, and often they do not like to watch the same program.  If they use the headsets, they can watch their program, and enhance their hearing.  Televisions needs to be turned off at 10:00 pm so that they and their roommates can get some sleep.

6.            Gift Certificates:  Gift certificates for cable and for the beauty shop can be made available at the business office, if you would like to give your resident a haircut, perm, or hair color. 

7.            Newspaper Membership:  If your resident enjoyed reading their community paper, buy them a year’s membership to be delivered to the facility.  Our address is 127 Early Avenue, Petersburg, WV 26847.

8.            Books:  We have residents that are avid readers, liking mystery, westerns, and romances.  It would be a nice gift idea.

Please be wary of food items, including candy or fruit baskets.  We have residents that are diabetic, or have restricted diets which includes varying textures.  IF you would like to bring in these items for your resident, check with their nurse to make sure the candy and/or fruit is appropriate for their diets.

If you have any other questions regarding gifts for our residents, please contact us in the Social Services office.

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Social Services Department



The month of October was a very busy month. We had two days of working to make Apple Butter. One day was spent cutting apples and the next day was spent making the butter and putting it into jars. We needed lots of help this is a job and we could not do it without our volunteers. We made 70 quarts and 80 pints of applebutter which was all sold by the end of October.

We had the monthly Birthday Party and the Harmans were, once again, here to sing and play for the residents. We also took some residents shopping; we went to the mall in Winchester, Va and had lunch at Chick-fila. A fun time was had by all the residents.

Remember all of the residents enjoy mail, and they would love to receive a card; so if you know anyone in the facility please drop them a card especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming. If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer please stop in to the Activity Office and talk to us. It will be a blessing to the resident and you will also receive a blessing.   

God Bless


Cindy L. Evans ADC