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October 2018



Happy October to our Residents, family, and friends!

As we get closer to opening our new therapy gym, we have been introducing some new equipment to the residents at GRCC.  One item of particular interest to our residents is the OmniStand Balance System.  This is a balance trainer that gives our therapy department the freedom to work with residents that need assistance with balance and gait training while keeping the resident safely supported.  Individuals that have a history of falling or have had a surgical procedure can benefit from this equipment because it has a fall safe design and adjusts easily for postural support. In addition to the OmniStand, GRCC has also implemented the use of the OmniVR, and engaging virtual reality therapy system that improves functional abilities through muscle strengthening and provides a real time interactive experience.

Grant Rehabilitation and Care Center and Grant Memorial Hospital are pleased to announce their collaborative efforts to improve our local community health outcomes regarding re-admissions. A re-admission is an episode when a patient/resident has been discharged from the facility and is then admitted again within 30 days.  

Re-admission rates have been used as an outcome measure and as a quality benchmark for health care systems.  Organizations can be fined with penalties if their re-admission rates exceed the level as determined by the state/federal government.

Re-admissions occur more frequently in our population affected by respiratory illness and/or diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF) or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  In an effort to reduce re-admissions, both facilities are now in a closer relationship to ensure that proper preventative measures and staff education are provided to improve outcomes for those individuals that are at the highest risk for respiratory illness in the long-term care setting. Administrative staff members from both organizations recently met to discuss the best approach to identify at risk persons, provide staff education, and ensure that preventative maintenance is completed on the necessary equipment.  By joining together through improved communication to provide better service, both facilities are prepared to meet your healthcare needs at any stage of life.



October has been a busy month for the Activity Department, we did Apple Butter on the 9th and 10th. We made one-hundred and twenty quarts and thirty-seven pints, with a lot of volunteer help. We could not do this without their assistance. We are now selling the Apple Butter for $8.00 a quart. 

On October 11th the WV Kickers were here from 6-7 pm to entertain the residents. They are always fun to watch, and the residents look forward to them coming. We have them scheduled to come back in November and December.  

We are also looking forward to Joyce Schrum coming to entertain for the October birthday party. Then on October 19th the girls from the Vo-Tech’s Cutting-Edge School of Hair Design are coming to do the residents nails both in the morning and afternoon. 

Cindy L. Evans ADC  



At Grant Rehabilitation and Care Center, residents’ input regarding their care is a priority.  One way we are able to get their input is through Resident’s Council.  We have Resident’s Council for the Rehabilitation Center and for our Assisted Living Facility.  Resident’s Council is a group of our facility’s residents that meet on a monthly basis to discuss upcoming activities and news.  They also meet with facility’s supervisors and make suggestions regarding care.  They also discuss issues or problems that concern them.  Resident’s Council provides a link between our residents and the facility.  It is a place where residents can discuss issues and obtain answers in regards to their care and their home.

Residents can choose officers for their council.  At this time, our residents choose to have a social worker and an activity person to help coordinate the group, and to keep minutes.  Families can participate, but only if residents agree for them to be present.  Residents can choose who participates in Resident Council, including staff members.

At this time, our Resident’s Council is reorganizing a little bit.  Our residents are developing a goal for the group.  Through their guidance and wisdom, Grant Rehabilitation and Care Center will strive to make their home the best it can be.  It is what our residents want and deserve.  

We have also discussed setting up a Family Council so that families, and friends can have a forum, like Resident Council to address concerns, or ideas for our facility.  If you would like to participate in the Family Council, please let one of us know in the Social Services Department.

Have a blessed Fall!

Ravenna O. Redman, MSW, LSW

Director of Social Services



On September 28th, we said farewell to long-time employee, Sally Pownell. Sally is now enjoying retirement!

The holidays are on the way. We would like to remind you that we serve special meals on both Thanksgiving and Christmas! Menus will be chosen by Residents’ Council and posted in the upcoming months. If you would like to eat with your loved ones, make your reservations as soon as possible by calling (304) 257-4233 ext. 223! Meals are $7.00 each including dessert and drinks.

Also, two of our bakers, Peggy Rohrbaugh and Beth Hall prepared three sheet cakes and one-hundred & sixty cupcakes for the pep-rally in September. They also helped serve the students on the day of the rally. A huge thank you to these ladies for their time, effort, and Viking spirit!



GRCC’s Employee of the month for the month of October is Ashlyn Hall. Ashlyn has been an employee at this facility since 2015. She began as an aide in the Food and Nutrition Services’ department. From there, she moved on to becoming a CNA and has been in the nursing department since 2016.



With cold and flu season quickly approaching, we are working hard to protect our residents from unnecessary illness and ask for your help.   Please refrain from visiting the facility if you or any immediate family members present with any signs or symptoms of illness including:

• Fever

• Running Nose

• Cough

• Diarrhea

• Vomiting

Flu shots will begin at the end of the month for residents.  Please make sure you have signed the flu shot paperwork for your loved one that was mailed out earlier this month.


We will be participating in trick or treat night again this year! Don’t forget to stop by on October 31st between 6pm and 7pm with your children and let our residents give them a treat!


Petersburg High School’s Homecoming Week was September 24th-28th. On Wednesday, the 26th, the Vikings’ Football Team, Marching Band, and Cheerleading Squad visited our facility for a special, afternoon pep-rally. 

Afterwards, students visited with our residents and everyone was treated to cake and punch!


The month of October is Resident’s Rights Month. The theme for this year is “Speak Up: Know Your Rights and How to Use Them”. The facility will take this month to honor residents in our facility by focusing on and celebrating awareness of their rights. This will be achieved through various activities planned throughout the month. The planned activities will emphasize the importance of their rights and how to speak up and feel confident in speaking about what is important to them.