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September 2018




Hello friends,

September has been a great month thus far at GRCC.  We celebrated our employees with the Annual Recognition Banquet which included a wonderful dinner catered by Mr. Jeff Bosserman with cupcakes provided by Weaver’s Market.  Our facility is very proud of the years of service that its employees have provided.  Thank you to our employees for giving their time, gifts, and talents to make this a home like no other.  

Each year, GRCC presents the Wagner-Trainum award to a special employee that has shown excellence in the following areas: Attendance, Teamwork, Compassion, Years of Service, and Attitude/Ethics.  This year’s recipient was Rhonda Ours, LPN; a 25-year employee of GRCC. Rhonda is loved by her residents, and co-workers alike, and we are thankful that she is a part of the GRCC family.  



Happy Fall!  Greetings from the Social Services Department at Grant Rehabilitation and Care Center.  

September is Healthy Aging Month.  One tip to aging healthy, is to stay active physically and mentally.  Exercising, such as walking, hiking, dancing, etc. helps our bodies to maintain our health.  Reading, playing games, doing puzzles, etc. helps our brain continue to sustain and function properly.  Another tip is to stay social.  By visiting with friends, and family, volunteering, and making new friends, helps our brain’s functional health, but also our emotional health.  It helps prevent depression.  A third tip is to make sure you are sleeping well, and getting plenty of rest.  It provides the energy for your body to function on a daily basis, but also assists our immune system in preventing illnesses.

We strive for these tips with our residents in the facility as well.  Through the Forever Fit program, residents are exercising on a regular basis.  Through activities, such as Bingo, Flip, Singing, and Bible Studies we engage our resident’s brains.  Through coffee group, we attempt to provide social interactions for residents.  

However, as a family member you are vital to help us maintain our resident’s health.  By coming and visiting with your resident, interacting, staying active with their care, you can help our facility with their health and providing the best care for them.   By interacting with residents, taking them for walks, engaging them in conversations with the past, will assist the resident, and you to healthy aging.  

Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.  Happy Healthy Aging Month!

Ravenna O. Redman, MSW, LSW - Director of Social Services



Disaster preparedness is something our facility takes very seriously.  When a resident chooses to make our facility their home, we are not only responsible to meet any physical needs and medical issues they may have, we are also to provide a safe environment. 

Above and beyond the usual smoke detectors and sprinkler systems, one might think that makes a dwelling safe. We also have to meet any challenges that Mother Nature may bring our way that would interrupt operation in some way.  

A perfect example of one of these challenges was the recent hurricane, Florence, in North Carolina, and what its impact might be as it moved through our area.  While our building is not in a flood zone, we still had to consider the “what if’s” depending on the amount of flooding that would affect roads that could limit, for example, deliveries of supplies, deliveries of food, fuel for the emergency generator etc. Power outage was a very likely possibility.  Even staff being able to get to work was a concern.  Department heads met to discuss these concerns and get plans in place as we watched Florence continue its march toward the coast.

Some of the preparations we made were to have 7 days of food on site, extra supplies for care were ordered for delivery prior to the storm, the fuel tank to the generator was topped off, extra batteries and flashlights were obtained, just to name a few. Also, areas were designated for bed set up for staff, who might not be able to get home, to sleep.  

Luckily, the storm did not cause this kind of an emergency to our area.  But our facility was ready to meet the challenge and to keep our residents well cared for.



On September 5th, at our monthly department meeting, we had the chance to do something special for one of our employees. Peggy Rohrbaugh is celebrating her 25th anniversary here at GRCC this month. Peggy is a hard-working, dedicated employee, and she is greatly appreciated for everything she does; from cooking to cleaning and literally everything in between!

In celebration of her 25 years of service in our department, we had cake and ice cream for everyone who attended the meeting. 



August 1, 2018 was the Tri-county Fair Parade which we always try to take part in. This year we decorated a float with the theme “Take Me Home Country Roads.” We got the residents and staff on the float, and we went to line up; but a down pour of rain washed us out. The residents on the float were David Sines, Mary Gilkerson, Gerald Kimble, Jane League, and Velma Lyon. Volunteers were Crystal Kline & Cody Kline. Staff included Letha Long, Jeanie Hartman-Hawk, Sierra Sites, Winnie Goldizen, Gail George and Cindy Evans.    

On August 25, 2018, we had a beautiful evening for the Annual Lawn Party. A large crowd enjoyed a car show, music by the Chinese Bandits from Cumberland Md, and good food sold by many different organizations. The Lions Club sold hamburgers and cheeseburgers. The Petersburg Church of God sold hotdogs and chilidogs. The Maysville Fire Aux. sold country ham sandwiches, and Country Roads Catering sold homemade pie and ice cream. Janet Crites also sold homemade candy. Sodas and water were sold by our activity department. Volunteers helped sell drinks, 50/50 tickets, gave out door prize tickets, and registered the cars for the car show. We had nine door prizes that were given away and a 50/50 drawing was held. We want to thank all the families and friends who came to enjoy the evening with our residents.

Cindy L. Evans, Activity Director



GRCC’s Employee of the month for the month of September is Melody VanMeter. Melody has been a CNA here for nearly three years working night shift.

Melody has one son; Tyler (24), one daughter; Marcy (19), and she and her husband; Raymond, of 11 years are expecting twins in October!  Also, on September 12th, she welcomed her first grandchild, a grandson named Karter! 

Aside from her growing family, Melody has the companionship of her pets, and while she isn’t working, she considers spending time with family and sleeping among her favorite hobbies.



Recently, a family member of resident, Eloise Bible brought her a birdhouse containing a caterpillar. Over time, Eloise got to watch the caterpillar transform into a beautiful Monarch Butterfly. On Saturday, September 15th, she was able to go out with her family and set the butterfly free! It was a joyful event!


We will be making homemade apple butter on October 9th & 10th, 2018. Anyone who would like to help or buy apple butter, please contact the Activities Department @ (304) 257-4233 ext. 225.


We will be participating in trick or treat night again this year! Don’t forget to stop by with your children and let our residents give them a treat!


Volunteers of all ages are always needed, welcome, and encouraged at our facility. If you, a friend, or family member may be interested in becoming a volunteer, please don’t hesitate. Apply today!

More information on volunteering at our facility can be found HERE or by calling the Activities department at (304) 257-4233 ext. 225.